Why this blog has been, er, too quiet

We were planning an extensive trip – to Israel and Turkey. So, excuse # 1 is, this blogger was distracted. Details, details. Visas. Airport lead time.Foreign funds. Packing list. Charging device batteries. Details, details.

Then, my wife, in her Honda Civic, was rear-ended by a Ford F-250. She’d stopped at a green light because an ambulance was turning in left front of her. Excuse # 2 includes getting the car towed, spouse going for hospital checkup, informing insurance, removing belongings from the wreck, and eventually being informed it’s a write-off, getting a rental car, and finding the cash difference so she can have another new car – Civic, of course. The inside back seat showed no signs of the collision, whereas the trunk is now maybe six inches deep at the widest. All that marketing talk about rigid passenger cage and controlled collapse is actually true. But, this was a major distraction.

Eight days after the previous disaster, I tripped over a child’s bicycle onto the warehouse’s concrete floor. Knocked out a dental bridge and broke my arm, plus various cuts and bruises. That’s excuse # 3. I’m typing this with one hand. This sucks. The warehouse is where Canadian Food for Children loads shipping containers with food etc (including donated bicycles)  {8;^<} for third world country recipients.

Losing the use of an arm is really humiliating. There are a lot of things I cannot do without assistance. I am lucky to have a truly helpful spouse.

So, that’s my list of excuses for an unusually long silence.