Drones in America

Apparently, the US courts have decided that drones small enough, and used like hobby aircraft, are in fact model airplanes and thus Not subject to licensing. The logic seems to be, small hobby aircraft operated ‘for fun’ in line of sight were not regulated before, and a drone is essentially the same thing if operated in the same way, so long as it isn’t really big.

OK. But I think the USA (and Canada and all sensible governments everywhere) should insist that drones have a serial number on them, in several places, that can be recovered in the case of a crash (I’m thinking airplane crash here.)

My cameras all have serial numbers in them. My laptop has one. I’m pretty sure the manufacturer could track that serial number to a specific outlet, and I’m pretty sure that outlet could track that serial number to a specific purchase. Most of us pay for medium-expensive stuff by credit card, so that tracking would come right back to the purchaser.

The good news is, supposedly a stolen camera or laptop could be proven to belong to the original purchaser.

Even better, a drone involved in an accident or in criminal activity, could be tracked to the original purchaser.

Why doesn’t the USA put that into law: serial numbers. Almost everything of serious lasting value has one: the VIN on my car, your refrigerator.

Drone on.