Poetry for the Whole Darn Universe: Malia Ann Haberman

This review originally appeared on Amazon on May 18, 2013. I repeat it here as this was one of my relatively few five star reviews, and I like to create additional visibility for writing I really admire.

Fun poems for the young, and for the old to read to them

five  stars.

Haberman has provided us with some forty-one poems, written (as her website declares) for MG, ‘tweens, and teens. That is right on. These poems are light and gentle with reasonable vocabulary, with the exception of the deliberately garbled Today my Tingue got Twusted (which is hilarious). Readers will empathise with Chocolate Ice Cream Cone and The Apple and the Worm. This is a fun read.

If you’re looking for my usual carps, they are few. I personally like each poem to start on a new page; I guess I’m not used to scrolling in PC Kindle. Perhaps due to the intended audience, the rhyme schemes are all pretty much the same for most of the poems. Tiny carps.

While this is not ‘like’ Doctor Seuss, it is pretty close in quality. You will laugh frequently, as in I’m a Thinking Kind of Kid (who does his thinking in detention!) and The Money Tree, when pennies could have been nickels. Some of the poems have twist endings, as in The Spectacular Stupendous Parade. I would have had as much fun reading this to my kids as I did reading A.A.Milne’s poetry books.

Back to the star count. My personal guidelines, when doing an ‘official’ KBR review, are as follows: five stars means, roughly equal to best in genre. Rarely given. Four stars means, extremely good. Three stars means, definitely recommendable. I am a tough reviewer. And, for the intended audience, this work clearly deserves five stars. Highly recommended, an unbelievable bang for your buck.

Jim Bennett, Kindle Book Review Team member. (Note: this reviewer received a free copy of this book for an independent review. He is not associated with the author or Amazon.)

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