Stephen Harper, Marc Nadon, and Rocco Galati

First, let me remind all of us of an earlier column by the now-deceased James Travers. In that article Mr. Travers detailed how our prime minister is shifting our country a bit at a time.

Today, we have a further example of this. In this article you will find these words:

The court also rejected as unconstitutional the government’s attempt to bypass those rules by retroactively amending the law. The Conservatives tried to redefine the law to support Nadon’s appointment, but only after it became clear his ascendance to the Supreme Court bench faced legal and political challenges.

In short, the Government snuck a piece of legislation into another bill, and thereby attempted to rewrite the law retroactively.

This after what looks to me like an attempt to pad the Supreme Court with an ineligible person, at least from the point of view of the province of Quebec.

You will also find these words in the above National Post hotlinked page:

The 6-1 decision was a stunning political defeat for the Harper government, the latest in a string of constitutional decisions from the top court that have not gone the government’s way. They include rulings over supervised injection sites, the country’s prostitution laws and a decision Thursday that struck down a Harper government law on day parole for criminals.

To recap: Stephen Harper’s government made an incorrect supreme court appointment, Marc Nadon, and then tried to rewrite the law to justify that retroactively. This failed because Rocco Galati challenged the legality of the move.

James Travers would have approved Mr. Galati’s challenge. Meanwhile, we still live in the country he asked us to imagine: Stephen Harper’s Canada, where laws are passed that only the Supreme Court has the power to strike down.

Now for the dumb question: why do we put up with this? Are we just dumb?

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