Nigerian Kidnapped Girls: a Bitter Observation

Here you will find a BBC News item on this atrocity.

I have some bitter observations to make.

  1. Apparently the Nigerian government waited three weeks to make any move at all.
  2. Apparently the Nigerian government can’t do much about this.
  3. Apparently all the world, including the USA, many Muslim groups and countries, and presumably Israel, France, and Britain want ‘something done.’

Now for the dumb questions:

  1. Do many countries have spy satellites with images on record for the area? The USA, for example?
  2. Could this surveillance (supposedly they can read a license plate) find out where the kidnappers took the girls?
  3. Could there then be a basis for a rescue or ‘other negotiation?’

And further,

  1. Could every country declare that, if the girls show up for sale, they will be protected and their ‘handlers’ executed?
  2. Could the USA declare that, if the girls are harmed, that drones will arrive and punish the kidnappers or purchasers?


Why is essentially nothing being done, other than righteous posturing?

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