Halton Police Constable Norm Deneault

This officer has handed out three thousand tickets for cellphone use while driving, aka distracted driving.

There is a fine article on this here in the Brampton Guardian. The story also ran in the Toronto Star.

In a subsequent post, which will appear ‘above’ this one,  I will comment on speed limits and accident statistics. Let me make a few comments here which are relevant to this officer, these tickets, and the law they enforce.

In the article, you will read that all of Hamilton’s police force has issued fewer than 15,000 such tickets since the law went into effect.

You may also remember that the law was delayed, and went into effect with a statement that no real tickets would be issued for the first (was it six?) months.

I see distracted drivers all the time. They contribute, imho, to far more than their share of accidents, and sometimes they cause accidents which they miraculously escape unharmed.

I would like to see more officers like Constable Deneault. I would like to see more cell phone / driving distracted tickets. I think these fines can wake up sleepy, distracted drivers and make the rest of us safer.

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