Who Kathleen Wynne is Not

Kathleen Wynne is not Dalton McGuinty. It was not her aide who arranged for the gas plant eMails to be erased. She was not premier when the Oakville gas plant was cancelled. She was not premier when the Mississauga gas plant was cancelled either.

(as an aside:

The Oakville gas plant cancellation was spearheaded in part by Erin Brockovich, who was brought in from the United States as a specialist in activist cancellation of projects. Here you will find these words: On October 1, 2010, local opponents rallied at the Ontario legislature and brought in American environmentalist Erin Brockovich to help generate publicity for their fight with the government.

The Mississauga gas plant cancellation was spearheaded by persons who lived completely out of sight of the project. I know: I was within a stone’s throw of the project on several occasions, and have photographs showing it, and how construction continued (thus raising costs) even after the cancellation decision. It is perhaps worth noting that the few people living close to the proposed plant told me they a) had no problem with the plant, and b) felt harassed by those who opposed the plant – occupants of a tower that cannot be seen from their home.)

Kathleen Wynne is not Deb Matthews. So ORNGE and eHealth issues don’t really belong to the current premier of Ontario, they belong to the current Health Minister of Ontario. (Whether that appointment should stand is the subject of another debate, eh?)

Kathleen Wynne is not Tim Hudak. She does not think that a million jobs can be created, even though she is not an economist. She does know that real economists don’t think a million jobs can be created.

(as an aside:

I submit that no government knows how to create any jobs except those in its bureaucracy. I also submit that no government knows how to keep jobs in Ontario, given our free trade agreements.)

Kathleen Wynne is not Andrea Horwath, although her budget might have had you thinking she was.

Kathleen Wynne may, or may not, be the next premier of Ontario.

(as an aside: If you live in Ontario, you are responsible for what happens next. So do get out and vote – for the candidate or party of your choice. Okay?)

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