Do Not Call List (Canada): is the fox guarding the chickens?

Announced in 2004 and implemented in 2008, Canada has a nation-wide do-not-call list. This list supposedly is of telephones numbers that should not get telemarketing phone calls. My two land lines are on this list. I still get the phone calls. I just confirmed that both numbers are on the list, and are good for years.

The list is the legal job of the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.) It is administered by Bell Canada, which company was itself fined for violations. You can find the details here. It cost Bell Canada over a million dollars.

Registering for the list is quite easy; how and what’s involved are available here.

If you go back to the Wikipedia article, you’ll find that the list has been described as a disaster. You will also read that other implementations have done a better job; in Australia, the government washes your list (where here, if you are/pretend to be a telemarketer, you get a straight-text file of the list.)

Now for the dumb questions. How come Bell allows pre-recorded calls to be made to private homes, when this is clearly against the rules? How come some companies make the call, and when answered, say (pre-recorded) “Good Bye?” How come I’m supposed to get a number from the call, when the caller provides a clearly bogus call display (all zeros, or 1234567890? How come Bell allows this to happen on its equipment?

Is the fox guarding the chickens?

One thought on “Do Not Call List (Canada): is the fox guarding the chickens?

  1. The do-not-call list in the US is apparently as well run as the one in Canada. Even worse, here many organizations – political – and government get exemptions so we are pelted with those every election cycle. We added caller ID to our phone so we could try to weed out the bad ones. Big laugh! Along with all of the “unknown callers” we get, the other day, my husband checked the ringing phone just to see that somehow he was calling himself. Go figure.
    I’m not complaining, That does no good. I just wanted you to know that the epidemic crosses borders.

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