A Cynical Dumb Question

Here you will find a BBC News report on the town of Kobane, on the Syrian border near Turkey. This town is under serious attack, and I am not making light of that fact. What is interesting about the news item is the following:

  • A Pentagon spokesperson stated that a town could likely not be held merely with the assistance of air strikes.
  • The spokesperson quoted is Rear Admiral John Kirby.

Now for the cynical dumb question: Why is a naval person making this announcement?

Now for the cynicism:

  • We don’t want an Air Force person to be the one saying air strikes aren’t enough.
  • Marines probably won’t be interested in voicing an opinion on a desert town.
  • The Army does not want to be seen as the force suggesting that ground troops are necessary.

Are we being sucked into another ground war?

I note that Canada, under our micro-managing omnibus-bill Prime Minister, just passed a bill that changed our involvement from 30 or 60 days to six months with renewal a possibility. The wording of the bill that passed seems to allow ground troops, should the PM decide they are necessary. Earlier, our PM volunteered assistance while claiming Obama requested it.

It’s as if we just can’t wait to have a war, so long as it’s far away. Is that a dumb question, or am I just cynical?

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