Federal Dollars: Largesse and not

Ontario has repeatedly requested additional funding from the Federal Government for infrastructure. An adjustment to the equalization system has been due for years if not decades.

However, the Harper Government has no money for this.

Toronto has requested additional funding from the Federal Government for infrastructure, in particular, transit.

Don’t expect the Harper Government to come across with much here either.

True, three hundred million might be lent to Pratt & Whitney, Mississauga. That’s a break from habitual treatment of Ontario, for sure. You can expect some election goodies and an early election call. (I’m still betting on Valentine’s Day, eh?)

Here you will find that the IMF thinks the Harper Government subsidizes oil, gas, and coal production companies to the tune of … wait for it ….

Thirty-Four Billion Dollars. per year.

Those industries are in …. Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. A link on the above page comes to this one, where you can read this for yourself.

Now for the dumb question: does the Canadian federal government play favourites?

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