An idea for Canada Post

Canada Post is, imho, in a death-spiral of increasing costs and decreasing revenue. Amazingly, after buying a fleet of new trucks, CP is going to cease home delivery. Instead, groups of boxes will be used.

Incredibly, one report stated that senior citizens would be grateful for being forced to leave the house, especially in bad weather, to retrieve their mail.

Personally, as soon as my mail is a block or two away, I’m going to put the ‘no junk mail’ notice on it. I’m not carrying a handful of glossy ads on a windy day.

Our post office (Canada) is a federal department. In England, I believe the Royal Mail is actually a private enterprise.

Maybe that’s why they are more inventive – driven by profit instead of secure in bureaucracy.

Anyway, the Royal Mail is trying out a new service: 3-D printing. No kidding. You can check out the details here.

You can request a standard item, for which they already have the CAD information. You can use your own CAD (Computer Aided Design?) and source your own product.

In any case, the Royal Mail will then deliver the package to you. Neat, eh?

Now for the dumb questions.

Does anyone out there think that Canada Post will do anything innovative to curb their losses?

Does Canada Post not know that most of us will stop junk mail when it is inconvenient to handle it?

Does Canada Post not now depend on junk mail revenue?

I said they were dumb questions, eh?


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