Hitler’s Law

I am told this was actually articulated by one of Adolf’s henchmen. The law is about how to convince the public of something that is not true. It goes like this:

Tell a lie. Tell a big lie. Tell it over and over and over. The bigger it is, and the more you tell it, the more people will be convinced that it must be true.

There is a perverse logic to this: something like, he/she wouldn’t say that if it werent’ true, eh?

2 thoughts on “Hitler’s Law

  1. I think this can only be pushed so far, eventually (us rational people anyway) would realize something was too absurd to believe. There comes a point at which one folds their arms, raises an eyebrow and really wonders aloud “Really?” >_0

    • Sadly, the bigger the lie, the greater the tendency to say, they wouldn’t say that, if it weren’t true. Colin Powell’s statements that the aerial photographs proved there were chemical or biological weapons in Iraq comes immediately to mind. There is a moment in Mark Twain’s story, The Mysterious Stranger, where the magical young boy, coincidentally named Satan, snickers that the mob stoned the “witch” although most of them were sick in their hearts to be doing it, but because everyone seemed to agree with the witchcraft, everyone went along with it. Tell a lie, tell a big lie, and tell it over and over. The few who raise an eyebrow will either be shushed (by their friends), trampled (by the mob), or associated with the unlucky witch.

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