About poetry, life, and this blog

I don’t do a lot of marketing here, and that’s possibly a mistake. I expect the average blog reader to look around the website and see what it’s all about.

On the blog sidebar are hotlinks to my author pages. You are encouraged to have a look.

I do not create poetry books the way most writers do. Alan Dugan, or Margaret Atwood, put together their last N poems that they have both finished, and become satisfied with. I put together poems I’ve been satisfied with for a while.

I select from a large inventory, written and checked and revised over years, sometimes decades. I choose poems that more or less fit together. I waited several years before including my four 9-11 poems in a book (Retirement Clock) because I wanted to be sure I wasn’t just pandering to a current disaster.

Once I’ve selected, I revisit every piece and re-test any changes with my critiquing writers’ group. I don’t mess around with my readers: you can expect top quality, every time.

Why do I write? I honestly can’t really answer any more than I can say why I breathe or want sex. It’s so built-in I can only see the motivation do its work in others; for me, it’s always been that way.

What do I write? That’s even tougher to nail down neatly. Stuff happens. Friends, relatives, strangers, visible figures, have things happen to them. I have things happen to me. Poetry is about experience, and I will try my darndest to deliver an experience to my reader in every poem. Experience, good and bad. Religious, and irreligious. Funny, tragic, or something simply beautiful. Philosophy, but not too much.

Given all that, why do I bother with a blog? I feel a responsibility.

Our very lives are being shifted away from our national founding principles. This is true in the European Union (austerity for the weak), the United States of America (secrecy, police powers, concentration of wealth), and Canada (pretty much all of the above.)

Obviously, I have opinions on these trends. I believe our governments are not defending the majority of us, but increasing their power and the wealth of corporations. For example, we seldom notice these facts about corporations:

  • They never are executed, and never go to jail.
  • They are legally persons, and can spend money as a form of ‘free speech.’
  • They exist only for profit, including illegal activity where the balance of profit over cost/risk/fines is in their favour.
  • They have no stakeholders outside of the executives and board of directors and, sometimes, powerful shareholders.
  • Stakeholders do not include customers, suppliers, or employees.
  • They can, and do, lobby governments for favourable treatment: tax breaks, loan breaks, outright gifts, law changes (eg environmental protection dismantling.)
  • They can go bankrupt and simply disappear. There’s no real person to hold accountable.

Especially egregious examples of the above will sometimes appear in my blog. I pretty much always include hotlinks to additional information so you can check my sources. You are encouraged to search for your own as well.

Other actions of our government and public figures, such as military procurement follies, military mission creep, inexplicable trade deals, will also appear here.

And, anything else I find fun, interesting, or provocative.

I want to be part of a shift, where public opinion rises like a tide against the creeping changes that are lessening our quality of life. I will ask dumb questions hoping to make you think again about issues. I will provoke you to contact your governments and news outlets.

There. I’m done. To recap:

I write poetry, and I want you each to get your hands on your own copies. I’ve made it reasonably easy to find and acquire these.

I blog because my social conscience won’t let me keep quiet. It’s like eMail: cheap to distribute, of potential interest to recipients, and warranting careful composition.

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