A Measly 100,000 Euros

Stefan Lanka is the hero of this post. Apparently some four years ago he promised to pay anyone, who could prove measles is a virus, a hundred thousand euros. He made this offer on his website.

Now Mr. Lanka will have to pay up. To summarize:

The reward was later claimed by German doctor David Barden, who gathered evidence from various medical studies. Mr Lanka dismissed the findings.

But the court in the town of Ravensburg ruled that the proof was sufficient.

Reacting to the verdict by the court in the southern town, Mr Lanka said he would appeal.

“It is a psychosomatic illness,” he told regional paper Suedkurier. “People become ill after traumatic separations.”

I am tempted to wonder if Mr. Lanka suffered a traumatic separation recently. I guess that’s a dumb question.

It seems sad that such a highly contagious disease is treated so cavalierly – unvaccinated children, absurd claims of causation.

Convince somebody today to get vaccinated. Make a difference.

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