Elizabeth May: Speech? Speech?

Splinter parties are fun. Splinter parties are interesting. Sometimes, splinter parties are like yeast in the dough: not necessarily appreciated, except for the effect they have. Things rise.

The Green Party, and Elizabeth May, are imho much of the yeast in the (sour) dough of Canadian federal politics.

Here you will find Ms. May’s comments on our involvement in Iraq and Syria.

Read it. Read it and weep. We (Canada) are extending a mission about which we have been lied (scope, etc) from our Federal Government, especially our Prime Minister, from the beginning. Now it gets bigger and deeper.

I have never voted Green, and am not likely to. Yet, as with the Libertarians, I might donate cash while not voting. Splinter parties are more than fun. They are the stirring that keeps everything from being clear-cut. They ask cutting questions.

As for Elizabeth May, she has always been a ‘person of interest.’

Now for the dumb questions:

– why was it OK for her to be shouted down?

– why was it OK for her to be heckled?

– why don’t we write our MPs and chastise them for this egregious behaviour?

– why do we let our PM run this side-show called Parliament?

They are dumb questions, as they are being put to a dumb voting populace. Cynical enough, eh?

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