A Complaint to the WordPress Support Team

WordPress makes it easy for a non-HTML person to handle a website.

I have been forced to use HTML in one specific case, to point forward to another spot in the same web page. I do this in a very dumb manner which makes it easy for me to copy/paste/modify and create a new instance of this. So I only had to get this right once.

So, other than that, I never need to know HTML.

I am a retired data processing professional. I have written code in .bat files, 8088 assembler, turbo pascal, Fortran, basic (various dialects), /360 JCL, /360 assembler, Cobol, FCL (3600 controller language), REXX, SmallTalk, PL/I, plus a private language developed by CIBC called GDF.

I don’t want to code anymore; I don’t want to debug language syntax anymore. I want a simple tool to maintain my website.

WordPress has been that.

With one glaring exception.

When one makes a hotlink to another page, the dialogue box that comes up has a few fields to enter. One is a check box for ‘open in a new page.’ No problem there. Another is for the URL you want the link to go to; naturally this is a cut&paste from another browser window’s top line. No problem there. The last is text you want to show up in mouse over.

This last one stopped working. If you used this in the past, it worked perfectly. Your original text became blue, acted as a hotlink, and mouse over showed what you’d added.

Now, if you use this, it does NOT create mouse over information; instead it replaces your ‘blue’ hotlink text.

I reported this as a bug and was told, eventually, that the bug was a duplicate. So, foolishly, I waited for a fix.

No fix. So I tracked down the earlier bug of which mine was ‘duplicate’. Amazing.

This bug was created deliberately by the WordPress support team because they didn’t think one should be using mouse over text. Still the dialogue box implies you can do it, but you can’t.

There is a workaround. Go into HTML editing mode. Your hotlink will appear approximately like this:

<a href=

where the url follows the href.

change this to be

<a title=”your flyover text” href=

that is, insert title=”your flyover text” (space required) between <a and href=

No thanks to the WordPress team on this one. Sorry guys, but I am really disappointed that you turned off a useful facet of the WordPress editor.

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