Simplicity? or fact. Muslims ‘vs’ Christians

Here you will find one instance of this: Muslims defending Christians from brutal stupidity.

Rather than have the Christians separated, to be killed, the Muslims essentially all agreed: we’ve had enough of this s..t. Kill us all, or go away. Good God (or Allah) they went away.

Islam is not the problem.

I have read the entire Koran / Quran in two different translations. The Koran is not the problem.

The problem is, imho, in the stuff I have not read: the hadith. Essentially these books are like the New Testament for Christians: they chronicle the life of Christ. If we took all that Christ said out of the NT we’d need the rest. Islam hoards ‘the rest’ in the hadith.

Everything about Muhammad (may he rest in peace) is very likely to be in this collection. How he drank water. (I’m not kidding here.) Here is the seed of the Caliphate needing to expand, forever.

Sharia law is complicated. Here is a Wikipedia link.

A quote: There are two primary sources of sharia: the Quran, and the Hadiths (opinions and life example of Muhammad). For topics and issues not directly addressed in these primary sources, Sharia is derived.

Apparently, Sharia is not written down. Good luck in court.

Back to my main point. Muslims can do, and often do, extraordinary acts of personal risk and human kindness.

Muslims at one point were on the cutting edge of science. Until the desire to ‘return’ to the wonderful ‘Caliphate’ era caused everything newer to be deprecated.

We are all losers here. Let’s not make the Muslims who willingly help us part of the losing side.

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