In Defence of Wikileaks

I am sure Julian Assange does not need my help here, but being naturally verbose I have to make some observations.

Some US officials seem to have been helping Gaddafi even as his regime was under attack by NATO with US targeting. Various political individuals seem to have less-flattering views of their contacts than they show in public. American helicopters are seen to have murdered innocent civilians. Backroom deals are the norm. Corporations cover things up.

So what.

I submit that we have a right to this information.

I also submit that the administrations and corporations will continue, pretty much as they have. I base this on a few books I have read because those volumes tell a lot of bad stories about very famous people. None of them, with rare exceptions, went to jail. Some are still extremely influential ( e.g. Henry Kissinger, see below). Here are just four volumes out of thousands.

The Trial of Henry Kissinger – Christopher Hitchens –

Rogue Nation – Peter Scowen – 0-7710-8005-0

Noam Chomsky – Power and Terror, and, 9-11

These and many other volumes tell in detail, among other fascinating facts, how various influential people made astonishing decisions and apparently got away with them, for the most part. Few were punished. Few were even exposed.

We owe a debt to those who provide us with information.

It was the administration that outed Valerie Plame, not Julian Assange.

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