On Canada’s Malaise

Given the potential for chaos south of the border, carping on Canada seems small-minded. However, we are in a similar ‘state’ of malaise. We just don’t have the bad taste to blame it on religious or ethnic groups, yet. And we don’t have a candidate trumping up the discontent, yet.

The rich get richer. The middle class get nothing. The poor get to stay poor. We spend millions on studies for parks we don’t really need, that could have gone to fix affordable housing. (The latest park farce in Toronto is proposed to be just south of the financial district. So much for ‘parks for people’ – only certain people.)

Meanwhile, the deficit will, eventually, kill us. Deficit spending can, for sure, provide stimulus. (We did well when making machinery to be blown up in wars, for example. I often wondered why we don’t make refrigerators and dump them in the Atlantic. Same net result, eh?)

The other day my spouse made a comment so obvious, once stated, that I felt dumb for not having noticed its truth.

Make jobs for our young people.

Then they will pay taxes and buy goods and services.

If it takes government money to make those jobs, so be it.

Imagine improving the quality of life for the most valuable and disadvantaged generation in Canadian history.

OK, the dumb questions: what lobby group or powerful industry would benefit from having this happen? and, is that cynical enough?

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