Who gets the money?

As the revolution in Libya progressed, the West was quick to freeze assets of now-unpopular Libyans. The list of the frozen was extended from time to time. Presumably Gaddafi himself, and all his known key associates, got onto that list.

Now the forces of good are going to release that money so it can be used in Libya for the reconstruction. I submit that this pattern of freeze and release is common; I think it happened in Iraq, for example, and in Iran at the end of the Shah’s reign. I think it has happened in South American countries too.

Now for the dumb questions:

Who will actually get this money?

Not the original owners, surely. They are pariahs.

Why is this not seen as theft?

If there was a trial, and the money was proven to be proceeds of crime, many jurisdictions would allow the money to be seized by the state.

Who is the state right now, in Libya? By what process have we decided who that is? Who will actually get this money? What will it accomplish?

Post your knowledge or suspicions here, please. I want to know what you think.

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