NAFTA cannot die. But it can be polluted. And it can be corrupted.

NAFTA is NOT a trade agreement. It is an owners’ agreement. It allows the means of production to be moved to wherever production profit will be higher.

As such, NAFTA canNot die. Those large corporations who moved production thither and yon won’t allow it to die. Why should they? (Trump does not understand this, imho.)

This is about garments and computer components, real assembly work done in other countries.

Extraction is another question. That is real work that cannot be easily moved. If the gold is in country X, you need to mine in country X. If the food is grown in country Y, you need to import from country Y.

Ahh, but there are environmental standards on extraction,you might think. And worker standards on bulk labour. That’s what part of the ‘new NAFTA’ is all about. It’s about corrupting standards of:

  • minimum wage
  • worker safety
  • environmental protection
  • gross access of a country to its own assets (mineral and energy)

to make what happen?

To increase profitability from large American corporations.

Trump thinks he can stop this? Even change it?

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