NAFTA and ‘renegotiation’

NAFTA is not a trade agreement. It is an owners’ agreement.

NAFTA allows the means of production to be moved to wherever labour is cheaper, environmental controls laxer, taxation slacker, or even corruption more lucrative.

The move of Canadian jobs to Mexico was predicted. The subsequent moves to China, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, etc etc were predicted.

NAFTA benefits large corporations and by direct effect, their top executives: those in the bonus pool.

Don’t expect major concessions from these corporate executives. They are not altruistic. They are not nationalistic. They fancy themselves as being an independent species, superior to the mere peons who work for them, and customers who chase the lowest price.

Expect the POTUS to do a lot of in-USA manufacturing posturing. Don’t expect him to get many concessions from his loyal Wall Street ‘friends.’

You were scrolling for the dumb question? Here it is.

What do you think? Are you as cynical as this blogger?

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