Siege – against Iran?

Who profits here?

Saudi Arabia recently led a blockade against Qatar. Now they are doing something even more serious (war crimes?) against citizens of Yemen.

Here you will find (of many, one) page on the latter. I will content myself with a quote. Emphasis mine, as always:

The UN and the Red Cross said a “catastrophic” situation threatened millions who rely on life-saving aid.

Saudi Arabia justified the move saying Houthi rebels were being supplied with weapons from Iran, and has accused Tehran of “direct military aggression”.
Iran denies arming the rebels, who have fought the coalition since 2015.
On Saturday, a ballistic missile was intercepted near the Saudi capital.

and this:

In response to the attack, the coalition announced the “temporary” closure of all Yemeni land, sea and air ports, tightening an existing blockade, but said humanitarian aid could continue to enter Yemen under strict vetting procedures.
However, the BBC’s Imogen Foulkes in Geneva says aid agencies have reacted with dismay and anger to the border closures.
The Red Cross said its shipment of chlorine tablets, vital to combating a cholera epidemic which has affected more than 900,000 people, had been blocked.

So, Saudi Arabia first blockaded Qatar, and now Yemen. Qatar is seen as being pro-Iran. One of the factions fighting in Yemen is seen as being backed by Iran.

Siege means, denying key resources. In mediaeval times, that meant food or possibly water. In Yemen it means anti-cholera chlorine tablets. Oh, and no food imports either, except those supplied by Iran and I think Egypt. Through ports that are now closed.

America recently sold a lot of armament to Saudi Arabia. So did Canada.

Why? Who profits here? That’s not the dumb question. Here is that one:

Are we (USA and Canada) in effect terrorist countries due to selling weapons to this regime?

Apparently Iran is, though their sourcing of a single missile is a lot more poorly documented than Canada and the USA’s supply of armament.

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