Silly answers

I am going to ask you to imagine each of the following words as one might use them in a sentence. Then I’ll give you my silly answers. Ready?

  1. Infantile
  2. Toy Story
  3. Promiscuous
  4. Blacklisted

Infantile. If you call me an infant, I’ll behave like one.

Toy Story. Seeing the mountain of Christmas toys, Tory got in front for a photo-op.

Promiscuous. If you are our escort, pro miss, queue us.

Blacklisted. Here are a number of notable things which Conrad Black listed as achievements:

  • Serving jail time in the USA.
  • Dumping his Canadian citizenship to become a British peer.
  • Being stripped of his Order of Canada
  • Claiming Trump the most successful US POTUS since Regan
  • Raiding the Dominion Stores pension and getting to keep half of it.

For those of you with short memories, here’s a quote from the above hotlink:

Black stripped a $56 million surplus from the Dominion Stores employees’ pension fund but lost a court challenge and gave roughly half of it back.

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