Time of your Life

For many people, the best time of their lives was late teens or early twenties. This period is looked back on with nostalgia and fondness. Even those who went through harsh conditions at this time feel this way.

I have a theory as to why this is so.

Think of the first time you were totally aware of your own powers. On your own. In charge of your own life. This coming into one’s powers is a life-changing experience, and the time at which it occurs is looked back on as a glowing event. It was one.

Some of us never revisit whatever that circumstance was. Some of us try to, perhaps by behaving like college students at sporting events, for example. Some few of us never grew out of that time.

Most of us got trapped in our adult game as responsibilities loaded down those new-found powers, and even if we continued to grow in strength and ability throughout life, we never recaptured that feeling of free power, the ability to decide and act for oneself alone. There was also, for at least some of us, an element of surprise in our new-found powers: we weren’t quite sure how far they would stretch, as we hadn’t fully probed their range yet. It was intoxicating.

Later in life one can be all too sure of one’s limitations. While this is good if it prevents foolish risks, it can also curtail personal growth. How often have we heard someone (perhaps ourselves) say, I could never learn to do that.

I say challenge this perception, this life-position, this self-constrained self-image. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Things happen. People respond to you. Everyone can make a difference.

Today is the time of your life.    Use it.

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