Are we hypocrites?

Yesterday there was an article in which, to quote, Canada condemns sectarian killings in Egypt.

Did Canada condemn the Israeli invasion of Gaza? There were about 1400 Palestinians killed, against 13 Israeli deaths, of which four were from friendly fire.

There were claims of Israeli use of white phosphorus. There were numerous claims of deliberate killing of civilians. I recall one incident which claimed a tank fired a shell through an occupied home.

Criticism of Israel is not anti-Semitism. Praise of Israel isn’t Semitism either, eh?

I don’t remember how much we condemned the invasion of Lebanon either. According to Wikipedia, On 17 July, the Israel Air Force launched a massive attack on PLO buildings in downtown Beirut. “Perhaps as many as three hundred died, and eight hundred were wounded, the great majority of them civilians.” What I remember about this war is that the bombing of downtown Beirut continued for many hours after the claimed cease-fire, and that some four billion dollars of damage was inflicted on the city. I saw online a panoramic view of the downtown which I can still play in my mind, with a wrecked car and tumbled, broken, and irreparable buildings. I can only imagine the nightmare of the actual bombing.

In this conflict I seem to remember an international observer site with flags waving, whose GPS coordinates had been given to the attackers, was bombed.This from USA Today: BEIRUT (AP) — An Israeli bomb destroyed a U.N. observer post on the border in southern Lebanon Tuesday, killing three observers and leaving another feared dead, officials said. U.N. chief Kofi Annan said Israel appeared to have struck the site deliberately. I am pretty sure our Prime Minister had little to say against this act. In fact he called the incursion into Lebanon a measured response. This from the Montreal Gazette: Prime Minister Stephen Harper offered brief condolences yesterday to the families of Canadians killed in Lebanon, but has not asked Israel for an explanation for their deaths. Click the hotlink to see the details.

May I note that the public response to this non-condemnation was pretty mild. We sucked it up and let our government off the hook.

The crowds in Cairo, Benghazi, and Sidi Bouzid were not troublemakers because we no longer need and support the governments that existed there, then. The crowds in Bahrain are troublemakers because the Saudis are helping their government, and our nearest and dearest neighbour still has relations with Saudi Arabia.

The crowds in Athens, Madrid, Lisbon, London, are troublemakers because they think we should not be putting the burden of the big finance institutions’ errors on them. They should suck it up and watch the bonuses continue to roll in for the privileged few.

Are we hypocrites?

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