Are Corporations People?

Of course they are. They have the right of free speech, which has recently been shown to include the right to support political parties.

Of course they are not. Nobody goes to jail. Or as one wag put it, if corporations are people, lets execute the ones that kill or maim people.

What drives me utterly buggy is the fact that a corporation can be accused of malfeasance, agree to pay a fine, admit no liability or wrongdoing, and go on operating as if nothing has happened. The fine can even be charged up as a business expense.

I submit that this is one thing the 99% ‘ers should go after. In a case of corporate malfeasance, there is always somebody who made the evil decision. I submit that that person should go to jail just as a real person making a similar decision, without the trappings of being a corporate official, would go to jail.

So the real dumb question is, when will this happen? When will corporate actions be pinned on the people who actually initiate, manage, or permit them? When will a corporation, or someone from it, go to jail?

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