___-er than you Think!

You get to fill in the blank in the above exclamation. For fun, here are some of the ways I’ve seen it filled in:

You’re richer than you think!

This is hilarious or ridiculous depending on your philosophy. If you think you’re richer than you think, do you have to think again, or have you already done that? Will you keep getting richer as your brain continues in this loop?

It’s easier than you think!

This is just about as misleading as the previous, imho. Generally said about exercising or dieting. By sales people. Or said about something really tricky, like a new programming tool or hobby machine.

It’s closer than you think!

Generally said about somewhere you’re driving to, when you already know it’s too darn far. I think a leather place tried this line a couple of years back.

If you believe any of the above, you’re dumber than you think. {8;^<}


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