Is Monitoring Protection?

I ask this dumb question because I just saw a TV ad that seemed to say this:

a father leaving town via the airport sees on his phone/tablet that his daughter has entered their home. She waves. This is sold as protection.

I am reminded of the case of the young woman who apparently hung herself while her jail guards watched by closed-circuit television. They at least were in the next room.

The father in the airport can’t do a single thing, except possibly call police, should there be a problem with his daughter. And if she simply doesn’t come home to wave, he has no idea what action is appropriate.

I submit that such monitoring is not protection. It is invasion of privacy.

This is important in an age where the ability of our various police and armed forces to monitor us is always being increased, with sometimes diminished court oversight. They may claim they are protecting us, but they are just spying on us.

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