Electric Car Costs

We now have partly-electric and all-electric cars, right here in Toronto.

What I would like to see is a mileage cost chart. If the vehicle can go x kilometres on a charge, how much does the electricity cost to recharge the battery? We could compare pennies per kilometre with gasoline vehicles and see how great the electric advantage is.

I would also like to see a projected service cost. And a calculated finance cost; if the vehicle is more expensive to buy, there is either borrowing cost or lost-opportunity cost for the capital. Insurance cost should also be considered.

But for now, my basic dumb question is, how much does it really cost to go a kilometre in an electric car? (or a Prius, running only on its battery, for example). I know approximately what it costs to run my old Altima, about a litre per ten kilometres, or 13 cents a kilometre; the service costs are something under 7 cents a kilometre, over the vehicle’s entire lifetime.

Is an electric car cheaper than 20 cents a kilometre? Do any of you know the answer to this one?

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