Rebates: are you impressed?

We are getting another series of tax rebates. For home renovations (fifteen percent up to $1,500 I think), for sports costs (a hundred dollars or so?).

I submit that neither of these tempts those with close finances to spend money. If I spend ten thousand dollars today on a renovation, and get back fifteen hundred dollars next April or May, the implication is that I had the money all along and the rebate is pretty much gravy.

Sports/activities fees are perhaps even worse; if I really don’t have a few hundred dollars to get my kid into a sport, knowing I’ll get some of it back next year doesn’t solve my liquidity problem now.

I think rebates get voter support from the upper middle class, and above. It means a few extra dollars back for those who can already afford the expense now.

If you really want to help the middle and lower classes, find something they need and provide it cheap or free. Education comes to mind. As for rebates, are you impressed?

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