Meaning, on Passing Time: Claire’s Law

I owe this one to Claire Carver-Dias. It occurs in a novel she is creating.

Pursuits without meaning are simply pastimes, and humans should not have the luxury to simply pass the time.

Used with permission. Copyright belongs to the author named above.

3 thoughts on “Meaning, on Passing Time: Claire’s Law

  1. I have to disagree; I think people need to have passtimes, or at least some down time in which to relax. Being constantly on the go, with some kind of mission is great and all but perhaps overly tiring & stressful; humans need sleep too. 😉

    • I admit to being thought-provoked here.
      I must accept the fact that, personally, I truly believe that one measure of a human being is what they do when there is nothing to do. To create an artificial pursuit here seems frivolous, while to forbid one, seems too demanding of always-on living.
      I’ll have to sleep on this problem.
      For some reason, the original “law” reminds me of something W.H.Auden said in For the Time Being, a Christmas Oratorio: behind the myth of divine origin, it senses the real human excellence which is a reproach to its own baseness.
      Wasting time is a waste of time. Sometimes doing “nothing much” for the mere pleasure of it (snorkelling, for example, merely to see fish, not catch them) is not a waste of time.
      This is a good trap, and I’m caught in it. I may post more incisively after I figure out how to cut through my confusion.

  2. Having purpose and relaxation/entertainment are both necessary; what’s important is finding the right balance to get things done, being successful, and not getting overwhelmed in the process. I like to say ‘everything in moderation…including moderation’ 😉

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