Aboriginal Finances

All of my “knowledge” of this topic comes from newspapers and web news sources. I do not live near a reserve nor do I have the privilege of conversing with aboriginal individuals. Still, there has been enough news on aboriginal financial situations to make some conclusions almost inescapable.

Anyone with better information on this topic, please respond to this post. Meanwhile, here’s what I think.

A few chiefs seem to have a lot of money, or a lot of money has disappeared. This is generally from our tax dollars. Many of those non-chiefs living on reserves seem to dwell in poverty, disease, with potential for various drug abuse as well. Nothing the government does ever seems to fix this.

Sadly, this seems to be the same as the pattern of our society overall: a few have most of the wealth, while services are being cut for the most vulnerable. Inner city slums seem to have more than their share of violence and drug traffic.

This comparison puts those chiefs who are doing well personally while their bands are doing badly, in the same light as the rich one-percent being demonstrated against all across North America. While the details vary, the overall we-versus-they attitude of those controlling resources has the same bad odour of selfishness associated with it, at least to those who are not millionaires.

It seems that aboriginal finances is financing the few at the expense of the many. Comments, anyone?

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