Crocs: stylish shoes now?

I note with truly mixed emotions that Crocs is now going to make “stylish shoes”.

Crocs used to be made in Montreal. The wikipedia article says they have manufacturing in Canada, but I happen to believe that that was closed down a year or so ago. A charity I work at used to get donated Crocs but that stopped. The last boxes said they were produced in China; I think they were a test lot before all the manufacturing equipment was shipped there. I am guessing on this.

We were glad to get these shoes donated, because in some countries walking barefoot can invite parasites. Now they have moved downmarket in manufacturing costs, and upmarket to more complex shoes.

So we have cheaper workers making more expensive footwear. None of the jobs are for us. This is typical of far too many consumer goods. Just for laughs? the joke is definitely on us.



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