More on Support

As this blog is partly about fairness, I have to add to my earlier entry on support.

Kudos to PE64 support from Paolo Chiartano. He provided a beta fix for a small problem in the handling of file extensions in the special case of the blank extension. This in addition to several insightful suggestions that greatly improved my ability to use this excellent editor.

Kudos to Microsoft Answers. They provided a fix, after several quite reasonable suggestions that did not work out, to my problem with .xls extensions connecting to Excel after the machine had had OpenOffice installed. It now works. Beautifully.

Kudos again to Microsoft Answers. One (dumb) question I had that the Acer support folks utterly flubbed, how to not-start hotkey utility, was answered. Use “msconfig” (in the “run” spot) and you can un-start whatever you like. Next boot, no hotkey utility. Thanks again to the community of support.

Thanks all.

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