Power Plant?

I have two photographs taken September 26, 2011 at the site of the Mississauga power plant. At that time there was a small construction started, mostly internal steel before concrete was poured. One small structure, and a larger cleared, vacant area.

This was just about the time this power plant was stopped in its tracks by the Ontario Liberal government.

I have a panorama of three photographs taken of the same area March 19, 2012. There has been a significant amount of construction. There was no activity at the site except for a truck cleaning out the porta-potties.

There were two clearly visible machines – engines on small trailers – to which were attached vertical poles with floodlights on them. From this I infer that the work is being done at night, and these are generators.

So, here is the dumb question. This power plant was cancelled due to citizen pressure, mostly from Etobicoke folk from a kilometre or two away, across the creek and across Sherway Gardens from the site. The dumb question is, is it cancelled? If so, why are there several cranes at the site in the March 19, 2012 images?

An even dumber question is, do we need this plant? We’re about to restart some nuclear plants, and we don’t seem to be having brownouts. We may have enough power already.

Anyone with inside information here, please respond.

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