Syria: lack of media information

Syria is the current example in today’s paper, but this dumb question applies to all cases where media is deliberately excluded from a large area.

“because media is banned, there is no possible confirmation” is a rough quote from today’s Toronto Star. Now for the dumb question.

Today’s satellite technology can detect from space what’s going on, with resolution rumoured to be less than a metre, and in some cases, able to read license plates. So how come we have no idea what’s going on in large conflicts that seem to be out in the open in daylight? Google’s satellite view is often good enough to tell which car was in the driveway at the time; presumably the military capabilities have far higher resolution.

Satellites are owned by many actors: government defence departments, and some commercial ventures.

Are we to assume that the available satellite images are deliberately withheld from the public, due to government security paranoia? Are we making decisions, such as, stay in Libya, lacking proper public discourse?

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