Mask Ban

The police are trying to get a law passed that would make it a major offence to wear a mask if a demonstration turns into what is deemed to be sufficiently like a riot for them to decide that it has.

I find this both amazing and hypocritical. At the G20 police wearing riot gear, including helmets, removed their identification and, as videos and hospital reports have shown, behaved in some cases as badly, or worse than, the black bloc. (Disclaimer: I have no interest in, and no sympathy for, the black bloc. Topic for another post.)

The fact that other officers around the, er, interesting police individuals, could not identify them either is just lemon icing on a sour desert. I recall it took a Rosie Dimanno to find full-face pictures of some of these police persons of interest. I don’t recall which detective school she attended. Maybe she just searched the Internet for pictures and videos.

So, the police force that thought it was appropriate to kettle hundreds of peaceful demonstrators, and remove their own ID badges, will now decide when wearing any form of concealment implies criminal intent.

Does anybody else have a problem with this? Am I totally out of touch with reality?

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