Gun Ban: How?

I am appalled by the shootings in Toronto. I am also appalled by the response: Ban All Hand Guns. We have no possible way of doing this.To shout it as a solution is to ensure failure.

First, the guns used in shootings are often illegally obtained. Some are imported (from the US and elsewhere) and the rest are stolen here.

Guns legally owned here are made more vulnerable to theft by the keeping of records of ammunition purchases in sporting goods stores, where a careless clerk or unscrupulous customer can, easily, find out who has a specific handgun and where they live.

(I won’t go into the long gun registry except to comment on the alleged frequency of its being referenced. If you do a little long division, you’ll discover that dozens of law enforcement personnel are doing hundreds of man-hours monthly supposedly looking up what guns are in specific addresses. I somehow doubt these numbers.)

In any case, the last handful of reckless shootings were all done with hand guns. In some cases the perpetrators were under surveillance, court order, or bail. These people are not going to obey a ban on their weapons any more than they obey the other laws that should govern their conduct.

I would like to ask anyone with a decent idea to post a reply here. The dumb question is, How could we, as a city or as a citizenry, reduce the number of carelessly held hand guns in our midst?

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