In for a penny, don’t expect a pound

Two seemingly unrelated events share, imho, a common thread.

  • five Toronto police officers are found guilty of one or two counts each. This after years of delays and a near-dropping of the case due to those delays.
  • Ontario is implementing a two percent tax increase on incomes over five hundred thousand dollars. This after much lobbying and publicity, predictably on behalf of those in this not-so-modest income bracket.

What these two events have in common is this: a relatively small penalty has been decided on after much publicity. The point here is that neither decision is draconian.

So far as I can tell, the police officers are not certain to go to jail. The decision to prosecute has taken a lot of energy and time and money. We aren’t likely to try another case like this again. It just is not justified by the result.

So far as I can tell, the discussion on tax-for-the-rich never ever considered whether two percent was justified or fair. It does seem likely that no future provincial government, not in Ontario anyway, will try to increase top-bracket taxes again.

The old adage was, in for a penny, in for a pound. Today we have that reversed: having settled for a penny, that’s all we’re going to get.

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