Kudo for McTavish Roofing

We have, up north, four buildings, three very small, and one small cottage. We had three roofing quotes. We went with the middle price, after much thought. It was more for more, and not an obvious decision. Then the weather got either hot or thunderous, and the job waited … for awhile.

Most of the contact, after the original visit, was by eMail. This works for us as we have no telephone at our shack and have been distracted by birth of fourth grandchild, and the illness of my mother. We weren’t that available. EMail makes asynchronous communication possible. It does lack the ability to react to the other party in real time.

The notification came that the job was done. We were able to go “up north” the next day and have a look. We were impressed.

We were very impressed. We’ve had roofing done before both at home and at the cottage. Generally the cleanup is pretty good, at least OK. This cleanup was immaculate. Shingles perfectly in place, caulking and weatherstrips neat and professional. Not a trace of shingle on the ground, not a single nail, nothing. Swept clean.

And the four roofs look great. Perfect, in fact.

So, kudos for Eric McTavish and McTavish roofing. Thank you for a job well done.

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