Kudo for HostPapa support

This website is powered by WordPress and hosted by HostPapa. I have had it for just over a year. I realized I could have my own eMail @ my own website. So I set out to set one up.

It turns out that I did set one up, a year ago, and had forgotten the password. So I put in a ‘ticket’ at HostPapa asking for support: how do I figure out the password, and how do I set up to get mail in ThunderBird?

Two days later, a carefully worded reply explained how, as webmaster, I could change any eMail password, and how in ThunderBird, to set up the eMail accounts.

I did as directed.

It worked. Everything works. This is terrific.

In short, HostPapa technical support bailed me out: of my amnesia, and of my ignorance of ThunderBird.

So, Kudos for HostPapa. If you need a website host, I recommend them. Very good value for money, and very good support. Includes backup tools, and I know that they work (blew my own site away once, eh?) and that recovery from them is possible.

Thanks to the HostPapa support team, I can do one more thing to help me market my poetry books.

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