Countdown to Walk

Many intersections (and crosswalks) now have the do-not-walk flashing warning along with a countdown, in seconds, before the solid don’t-even-start-crossing signal.

I use this when driving to predict time to orange. It is very useful. However, in many intersections the signal will occasionally count down to zero, then go to solid Walk, and the light will stay green.

In today’s Star (newspaper) there was a complaint about this behaviour of a specific signal, and an explanation that sometimes the light was going to change, but decided not to because an approaching car had turned and not needed the light change.

I think this is nonsense. I have watched several signals, including one in Nobleton quite late at night, do this countdown to zero, no, Green/Walk, when there was no other traffic in sight.

I think the countdown should always lead to a light change. If you’re going to change your mind about the signal switch, do it at ten, or even fifteen, seconds left, not at zero.

Comments, anyone?


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