NoScript: am I the only user?

NoScript is an add-on for the FireFox browser. It denies JavaScript execution and allows the user to decide to temporarily or permanently allow scripts on the current web page, based on the script’s source.

I use this and recommend it. I accidentally mis-spelled the website for Blacks Photography and ended up in a pornographic site. A similar mishap could land a user in a black site that immediately attempts to hijack the browser.

With JavaScript running (and Java disabled, eh?) I was protected.

Some web sites legitimately (or lazily) allow JavaScript. This website, powered by WordPress, uses JavaScript. If you can trust me and/or WordPress, it’s perfectly safe to allow scripts that run from here.

One thing my site does not do is, pull in additional, outside pages that also use JavaScript.

But this is what some major sites do do, and I find it a peeve. I will tell NoScript, ‘temporarily allow all this page.’ The site will then pull in further pages which also require permission. I sometimes have to allow ‘all this page’ four times before the cascading of outside material inclusions is complete.

Now for the dumb question: Am I the only user of NoScript? Am I the only one who does not give every site full permission? Am I the only user annoyed by having to give ‘all this page’ permission repeatedly?

It’s a dumb question. I would be interested in replies from users of NoScript as to how they manage this annoyance.

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