Writing, publishing, and reviewing

I write poetry. I have three books available in various formats, including Amazon’s Kindle format.This format can be read on a Kindle device, or any PC with the free PC Kindle Reader.

My first book (Cold Comes Through) has been reviewed somewhat favourably by Shell Tidings, who is a member of the Kindle Book Review team.

Since then, I have been accepted as a member of the KBR team as well, and have posted three poetry reviews already. Expect more.

This is in part a salute to Amazon, for organizing a review team with a bit more guidance and guidelines for review contents and star counts, than informal reviews. Informal reviews are valuable, as they allow readers anywhere to freely express an opinion and recommend a work. Formal reviews with standards allow somewhat more precise comparisons, and may sometimes be more informative.

Finally, a word of thanks – to all who work-shopped and critiqued me, to all who asked for my input, and especially to those who trusted me to review their work in a fair and intelligent manner. From the feedback so far, I’m doing OK in the last part.

Thanks for reading. That’s why I write.

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