An interesting list of persons of interest

Let me start with Rob Ford, who ran on the promise of reducing the gravy train in Toronto city hall. He is now in danger of losing his job due to a conflict of interest over a mere $3,150.00.

Let me continue with KPMG, the consulting firm who went over the city’s expenditures and found that little could actually be cut. I believe this audit cost us $100,000.00.

Now we move on to Laurel Broten, our provincial education minister. Thanks to a strange law, put in to prevent a strike that had not happened yet, we now have walkouts and strikes in the Toronto GTA area.

To make matters worse for us taxpayers, it turns out that education is a big piece – approximately half – or Toronto property tax charges. Now we find out that the Toronto District School Board pays ridiculous amounts for simple fixes to the physical plant which is our schools and their facilities.

So, given the above list of persons of interest, we can now ask the following dumb questions:

  • Did Rob Ford promise gravy train cuts for which he had no logical means of delivery?
  • Did KPMG overlook the TDSB in their audit of spending?
  • Did Laurel Broten do us a favour by pre-emtively settling a strike before it happened? Is it going to be easier to settle now?
  • Who exactly is responsible for the TDSB’s methodology of contracting out school installations and repairs?
  • Should Rob Ford lose his mayoralty over $3,150.00? Given that he said it was too important for him to pay himself, can he claim it was of no serious concern to him?
  • Are all Toronto taxpayers stupid? Will we continue to put up with this nonsense?

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