Bond’s Law

Bond, Kathleen: on integrity.

Integrity is like a straight line, a personal direction. It can’t be put together as an afterthought, or based on other people’s shortcuts.

4 thoughts on “Bond’s Law

  1. Here’s a question: Is it possible to be evil and have integrity? If you hold to a vision (evil though it might be) and are open about your plans and do as you say you will do you have “integrity”? Is integrity inherently good? Do you need other “virtues” like compassion to make integrity good?

    • I am going to side with you on the definition of integrity. It is not enough. I believe Kathleen Bond would include other virtues in her implicit definition of integrity. Perhaps her world vision is slightly less jaundiced than ours.
      I am reminded of a book you once lent me, about white and black hats. At least the black hats had integrity: they took your chips when you won, but you always knew that’s what they said they would do.
      I suspect democracy guarantees a level of hypocrisy: one cannot get elected if one tells all the truth about one’s plans, or one’s closet either.

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