Re: Police Chief Bill Blair, and ‘undermining public trust’

Toronto police chief sends internal video message to officers warning them not to engage in behaviour that could undermine the public trust. This from the Toronto Star.

When I saw this, I assumed that Mr. Blair was about to enter politics. Torontonians will remember the chief who, somehow, could not identify any officers who removed their name tags at the G20 protest, until Rosie DiManno produced clear photographs of some of their faces, over blank name tag Velcro.

However, now it turns out that judges who believe officers’ testimony was somewhat less than ideally honest and complete, are supposed to inform the police chief of this fact. And, the chief is supposed to make public the names and punishments of the perpetrators of dubious testimony and/or evidence.

So, we are, in fact, having another ‘DiManno moment.’ The chief is telling the troops, finally, to avoid undermining public trust. This only because that undermining is now going to be made much more public.

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