On Special Laws

We are about to have a special law that prevents transgendered individuals from being harassed. I submit that we should just have laws that prevent individuals (anyone!) from being harassed. Special laws are a form of discrimination against ‘majority’ groups.

For example, there is a special law against spitting on a TTC Constable. An ordinary citizen is, for some reason, not as worthy of defence by stern punishment, as a TTC Constable.

Having special laws is, imho, ridiculous. We have too many laws now. Law should be based on intent, and intent should be for all citizens. You may say, but what about the disadvantaged? May I point out that in France, there is a Good Samaritan law which creates an obligation to help, if help can be provided safely. This applies to the disabled, accident victims, whatever. Amazingly, American common law assumes there is no obligation to assist if you were not involved in creating a situation.

I guess we should not be surprised; the American assumption was there was no obligation for the state to provide health care for the needy, either. This is being fixed now, and the fix is being diluted simultaneously, partly with austerity cuts that avoid tax hikes for the rich, who get breaks due to … special laws.

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