Keshia Thomas, 1996

You can read the full story here. Eighteen years old, in the crowd at a Ku Klux Klan rally in Ann Arbor, where police in riot gear protected a small group in white conical hats from an unwelcoming crowd. A person was noticed wearing a Confederate Flag T-shirt with perhaps an SS tattoo. Chased, knocked down, kicked and hit with sticks.

So, this black girl, Keshia Thomas, puts herself over the (white) man and defends him from the mob.

I will end with one of my favourite quotes from Will Durant (from The Story of Civilization).

In the end, nothing is lost. Every event, for good or evil, has effects forever.

Keshia is in her 30’s now and deserves her privacy. But, let us each think: would we do such an act of kindness? I am reminded of an e.e.cummings’ poem, which begins

a man who had fallen among thieves

Cummings, in his own way, repeats Durant’s statement. In the end, nothing is lost. What would you have done?

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